Friday, December 18, 2015

finding the right pest control professional

It's often difficult to determine which pest control company is the best to choose as your service provider. You don't know the quality of service up front unless a friend can voucher for them. I have been a pest and termite service technician for over 11 years now and I have seen it all. I've seen contracts pushed on customers only to disappoint them with poor services that they now feel stuck to. Cancellation fees on contracts can be as high as $215 in Arizona. I've seen technicians go to doors when no ones home and leave a slip that says completed service without even doing the service. I've seen 10-15 minute quick stops without any attention to detail on the customers yard. I've even seen self righteous attitudes where the technician gets in arguments with their customers saying their the professional and the customer has no place for an opinion! I've seen poor customer service where the secretary is telling the customer that they have to have a certain day and time for service without asking them if it works for them. I've seen poor customer service where the secretary leaves a message that the tech will be there for service but never leaves a time frame. or even worse the technician shows up at a house where the gate is locked, services the front yard only, then bills for a full service. Also seen companies charge fees for retreats claiming its a trip charge even though they guarantee their services. All this and more has trashed the industry in making potential customers more skeptical and distrusting of us real pest control professionals who actually do their jobs correctly. It saddens me on how customer service and quality of service in America is diminishing through a vast sea of industries. You would think these things would be important and we would treat our fellow Man with less indifference and more respect than this. When ever I go through a fast food line or a check out line in the store, it's become a rarity that I run across someone with a positive attitude asking how my day has been. Mostly it's filled with a void of disappointment, discomfort, and sadness on the expression of the other persons face. It's as if their job is not what they expected and not an ounce of passion can be put into it. One must come to understand that we as human beings are all on this boat together and we need to think outside of just ourselves. It's difficult to maintain a positive attitude amidst so much negativity. If no one makes an effort to put a lighthouse of positive energy amidst a sea of negativity, we are all lost. We must do our best to treat others the way we expect others to treat us. Be the light house, not the ship lost at sea!!!

Timothy R. Curtis
(If your looking for real quality pest control, not the fake kind, give me a call)

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