Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Subterranean Termites

There are 2 types of homes in Arizona; ones that have termites and ones that will have them. Subterranean termites are all over Arizona. They need a moisture content of 19% or greater and they build mud tubes to keep moisture and shelter. The workers break down the cellulose in the wood with a organism in their gut called Protozoa. Then they regurgitate the material to feed the soldiers, reproductives and nymphs. The process to treat a home is mainly focused on treating the soil because these type of termites don't live in your walls. They live and have to return to the ground. Winter is not a very active season for termites. I have noticed termites swarming twice in Arizona. They swarm in spring and the monsoon months. I have come to believe it has to do with the level if humidity in the air. I've noticed the level of mud tubes emerging the most after a good warm monsoon shower . I usually include a 2 year warrantee with a whole house treatment for termites. The product I use is called termidor he which is the top selling termiticide out there. It's supposed to last 5 years. Give me a call today at 520-414-0284 for a free inspection and estimate. Or visit my site at http://www.abugguy.con


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Arizona Bark Scorpion

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These scorpions are dreaded in Arizona. Many people get them in their homes and rely on pest control companies to get rid of them. While many companies can't guarantee to get rid of scorpions we do. Scorpions like to hide in the cracks of brick walls, in expansion joints, and any dark place they can find. They are nocturnal pests although occasionally they come out in the day to grab a snack. These pests have spiracles that they breath in on their underside. By dusting walls scorpions breath in the pesticide and die. Often times surface residual pesticides don't work with scorpions because some have a high repellency or are incapable to enter their hard shell bodies. Scorpions need to ingest chemical or breath in chemical in order for it to work. Scorpions enter through the home often times through exhaust vents in bathrooms and wash rooms from the outside because they are not screened off. You can take window screening and put it over the vents as to keep them from coming through. They also enter through the cracks of doors. Scorpions can squeeze down paper thin to fit through tight crevices. Their favorite food source are crickets in Arizona. If your infested with crickets chances are there is a bark scorpion around somewhere! These pests can also glow in the dark when a black light is shined on them. Its really cool to go after these guys at night! Call us today at 520-424-5244 to find out how we can eliminate your scorpion problem!  Visit Our Site  Email Us